PlayStation 5 continues to take action to revolutionize gaming by changing things up when it comes to its controllers. From the original DualShock and its three follow-ups all the way through to its latest offering, the amazing DualSense, Sony has never been afraid to introduce a new controller. Now, with the PS5, most people will want a second controller that works well with the console. And although consoles only ever come with one controller outside of a few bundles, these new pads are something to marvel at, offering new buttons, customization, and even the ability to manipulate more than one thing at a time.

We’ve gathered together some of the best controllers available and tested them thoroughly to check how they hold up to extended use and how impressive their features are when compared to both standard first-party pads and the competition. Check out our list of the best controllers to consider getting if you’re looking for a new pad to go with your PS5.

1. PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

The DualSense Edge is a stunning controller, and the first ever pro controller that PlayStation has put out. Being a first-party controller means that it is fully integrated into the PS5, with in-system profiles and hot-swaps making it a really versatile tool. The hardware is amazing, with two extra buttons on the back for more control, trigger stops to make quicker button presses, and complete remapping available. It’s slightly expensive, but definitely worth the investment.

2. Sony DualSense

The latest addition to Sony’s impressive line of controllers is perhaps the best ever, which makes getting a second DualSense for your PS5 a no-brainer. The upgraded haptic feedback and triggers make for enhanced immersion while playing, the onboard microphone enhances your ability to interact with games and friends, and it has an eye-catching color scheme. But be aware that it won’t work on your PS4!

3. Scuf Reflex Pro

Scuf’s Reflex Pro is the most customizable pro controller available, with superb performance to match. You can customize every element of this controller’s look and feel, from its color scheme down to how its triggers and paddles feel. It is ideal for games with complex control schemes, and the option of rubber grips is great for those with sweatier hands.

4. AimControllers Custom

AimControllers makes modified gamepads and has a customized DualSense template that’s the most reliable way to get your hands on a pro controller for the PS5 right now. You can design it completely to your liking, and with the option for extra paddles and zero-travel triggers, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a competitive edge.

5. Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

This is a great pro controller that is ideal for those looking to branch out and master multiple genres. It’s better than most controllers for fighting games and has a chunky design and superb customization options. This controller is more expensive than most, but it’s absolutely worth the price if you’re looking for a high-end controller that’s guaranteed to last.

When it comes to choosing the right controller for your PS5, there are a few questions to ask yourself: Do you want to go wireless, fancy some extra controls, or prefer a specific layout? Depending on your preferences, you can pick out the perfect controller for your needs. With amazing options available, you’re sure to find the perfect controller to enhance your gaming experience.

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