In a surprising announcement, Blizzard has revealed that they’ve scrapped the much-anticipated cooperative player-versus-environment mode in Overwatch 2. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the mode, which was promised to include skill trees and perks. The decision to ax the mode comes despite years of promises and has led to disappointment among the community.

Blizzard’s Executive Producer, Jared Neuss, made the announcement during a recent stream, citing that “the development on the PvE experience really hasn’t made the progress we would have hoped”. The team had developed “a bunch of amazing content”, according to Neuss, but the effort required to make it a “Blizzard-quality experience” was simply too much. He raised the difficult question of whether to pour all of the development into PvE or focus on serving all of the Overwatch community instead.

Many members of the community have taken to social media to voice their disappointment, saying that Blizzard overpromised and underdelivered. Streamer KarQ tweeted that “if you over promise and under-deliver, people are going to be disappointed,” adding that he, too, was one of the fans that had been excited for the co-op mode.

Despite the scrapping of the co-op mode, Overwatch 2 is still expected to be released on PS5 and PS4. The game remains highly anticipated, as the first Overwatch game received critical acclaim upon its debut. Fans are hopeful that Blizzard will make the right decision and prioritize what they feel is best for the game’s future success.

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