Sony’s PlayStation Plus Collection, which offers PS5 players free access to some of the best PS4 games at no additional cost, is due to shut down on May 9, 2023. One of the games included, Bloodborne, is considered to be FromSoftware’s most inventive title.

Bloodborne offers a unique and rewarding experience due to its combination of clever mechanics, immersive visual design, and fast-paced gameplay. Unlike other FromSoftware games, Bloodborne forces players to play aggressively, making combat truly stand out from other games. In Bloodborne, there is a mechanic that rewards players for staying on the offense. Players can regenerate some health after striking enemies immediately after they hit you. With no shields, players must learn the ins and outs of attacking, resulting in a much faster pace akin to games like Devil May Cry.

Visually, Bloodborne has been described as a horror game. The creature designs are terrifying, and the blood that covers your character after battling enemies adds to the immersive feel of the game. As the game progresses, the monster designs get increasingly outlandish, with Lovecraftian creatures and otherworldly horrors. One of the most horrifying creatures is the Amygdala, a massive invisible creature that can grab and crush players with its hands.

Bloodborne remains a masterpiece, but has seemingly been forgotten about by Sony. Fans hoped for a remaster, but neither that nor a fully-fledged sequel has come to be. Make sure you add Bloodborne to your PS5 library before May 9th to experience one of FromSoftware’s greatest titles for free, and to enjoy the unique combination of gameplay and visuals that Bloodborne has to offer.


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