According to a recent Bloomberg report by gaming journalist, Jason Schreier, it seems like Bungie, the development studio behind the massively popular Destiny franchise, had a hand in the recent troubles surrounding The Last of Us’ multiplayer game, said to be in development for the PlayStation 5.

The report claims that Bungie had “raised questions” regarding the game’s ability to hold players’ interest for long, leading to the project being reassessed by the development studio Naughty Dog, the team behind the critically acclaimed Last of Us franchise.

As we reported earlier, Sony significantly scaled back development of The Last of Us Multiplayer for the PS5, with Naughty Dog issuing a statement of reassurance to their fans that they were proud of their team and had a new single-player project in development.

The Last of Us has been widely celebrated for its storytelling, character development, and overall gameplay experience, with the second entry in the series winning numerous Game of the Year awards in 2020.

Naughty Dog has not commented on the situation, and both Bungie and Sony have declined to comment. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out in the coming weeks and months ahead and what it means for the future of The Last of Us franchise.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

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