All our burning Qs about PlayStation’s Project Q

On Wednesday, Sony announced perhaps its weirdest gadget in a while: Project Q, a handheld device designed solely to play games streamed from your PS5. It’s basically an 8-inch LCD screen with the two halves of a DualSense grafted to the sides, and it will be able to play games from your PS5 at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi via Remote Play. It’s supposed to launch later this year.

That’s pretty much all Sony said about the device during its PlayStation Showcase. If you’re anything like The Verge’s newsroom, you might still have a lot of questions, so we wrote some out. (Some are less serious than others.) And let us know your questions in the comments!

Exactly when will it come out?

(Reportedly November, but we’d like the official word.)

How much will it cost?

No information on the price has been released yet.

How long is the battery life?

There’s no official word on the battery life yet.

What processor is in it? Can it run Android?

No specification of the processor or any support for Android is available yet. It is designed solely to play games streamed from PS5.

Will there be a cellular option? And will it be an AT&T exclusive?

No information on a cellular option or exclusivity with AT&T has been provided by Sony.

Do you promise not to use the words “Stream” or “Deck” when you give it a name?

Sony has not yet released the official name for Project Q.

How can you possibly compete with (a $99 gamepad for your phone / a $200 Android handheld / a $400 Steam Deck / literally plugging a DualSense into a laptop) if all this does is stream PS5 games, and all of those can do that and more?

It remains to be seen how Project Q will compete with other gaming platforms like the Steam Deck, but Sony seems to be catering to a specific niche audience of PlayStation users looking to play PS5 games on-the-go.

Why partner with Backbone on two mobile controllers if you’re just gonna make this thing?

It is unclear why Sony chose to partner with Backbone on mobile controllers, especially since they announced this device so soon after that partnership. It’s possible that the controllers and Project Q are intended to work together in some way.

Does it use any special technology to make Remote Play work more smoothly? Perhaps skip the router with Wi-Fi Direct to the PS5?

Sony hasn’t provided any details on the technology being used for Remote Play on Project Q.

Can you play it wired to the PS5 via USB-C for less lag? If you tell me that’s stupid, have you heard of a thing called the PSVR 2?

While there’s no indication yet if Project Q can be connected with a USB-C to the PS5, it’s possible that Sony may include this option in the final product.

How long until someone makes a Vita emulator for it?

It’s possible that developers might create an emulator for Vita games, but that remains to be seen.

Will it be able to play any cloud games?

No information about playing cloud games on Project Q has been released by Sony.

Why is it so ugly?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Sony may have prioritized functionality over design for Project Q.

Where did the DualSense’s touchpad go? Does it mean that I have to touch the screen instead?

The touchpad on the DualSense controller has reportedly been removed on Project Q. It’s unclear if players will use the screen instead, or if Sony will provide an alternative solution.

How did you settle on an 8-inch screen at a time most every other handheld has standardized on a 7-inch screen as the sweet spot?

It’s unclear why Sony chose an 8-inch screen for Project Q, but it’s possible that this is a unique feature meant to distinguish it from other gaming devices.

Can a developer choose to use the device for second-screen features?

There’s been no word on whether or not developers can include second-screen features specifically for Project Q at this time.

Does it work as a Sheikah Slate? How about a Purah Pad?

There have been no announcements about Project Q working as either a Sheikah Slate or a Purah Pad.

Can Project Q be used in place of another controller for local multiplayer games?

Sony has not indicated whether Project Q can be used as a controller for local multiplayer games.

What happens if you get stick drift? (Padme meme: you’re going to use Hall effect joysticks, right? Right?)

Sony has not yet announced whether or not Project Q will feature Hall effect joysticks which can reduce the likelihood of stick drift, a common issue with game controllers.

Will it have a dock?

There’s no information about Project Q having a dock at this time.

Is there any media playback support? Or support for apps like Twitch and YouTube?

There’s no word on media playback support or support for apps like Twitch and YouTube for Project Q yet.

Is this PlayStation’s Wii U moment?

It remains to be seen whether Project Q will be successful or not, but there are definitely similarities between Project Q and Nintendo’s Wii U console.

Will it do anything besides stream PS5 games?

Project Q is specifically designed for streaming PS5 games and it’s unclear if the device will support any other functions.

Are you launching PlayStation Amiibos next? Can you make ones for Astro’s Playroom, please?

There have been no announcements about launching PlayStation Amiibos in the future.

Does Q mean Life?

There have been no official explanations by Sony about the meaning of “Q” yet.

Does it have a headphone jack?

No information on the existence of a headphone jack has been announced yet.

With so many unanswered questions, fans will have to wait for more information about Project Q from Sony in the coming months.


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