Chrono Odyssey: A New Gaming Experience on PS5 MMORPG

Chrono Odyssey is a new MMORPG that will soon be launched on PlayStation 5. Produced by Chrono Studio in partnership with Npixel, it promises to be an extraordinary game that takes players on an epic journey to explore a breathtaking world filled with diverse characters, spells and weapons, with unparalleled graphics made by the UE5 engine.

Chrono Odyssey aims to keep the legacy of beloved MMORPGs alive, and its unparalleled graphics elevate combat to new heights with the incorporation of the Chrono (time) element, which serves as the game’s core universe. The real-time MMO content enjoyed by hundreds of players provides a dynamic social experience unlike any other.

Six Character Classes

Players have the opportunity to choose from six distinct classes to embark on their epic journey, including swordsman, ranger, sorcerer, paladin, berserker, and assassin. The character customization options like gender and appearance allow players to express their unique personalities and create a personalized combat style that is truly their own.

Open-World of Setera

The open-world of Setera is an open-world wilderness that transports players to a world that feels ever-changing. The scenery transforms with each passing season, with a realism that captures the essence of a living and breathing environment. The game’s lore is an integral part of the story and players will be able to unlock the symbolic importance of Chrono’s enigmatic power that drives the storyline.


Combat in Chrono Odyssey is a thrilling experience that demands both unpredictability and control. Players must master the basics of attacking, defending, dodging and switching between weapons seamlessly in real-time to gain the upper hand in battle. The enemy’s attack patterns are as varied as they are deadly, adding an extra layer of tension to each encounter.

Teamwork Takes the Lead

Players can engage in epic battles alongside hundreds of other players, where strategy, skill and teamwork determines the outcome. Whether you’re facing off against colossal beasts or competing for dominance against other factions, you’ll need to bring your all and find trusted allies to support you on your quest for victory. When it comes time to confront the massive Eltanius – one of the many powerful bosses within the game world – be prepared for the ultimate test of strength and will.

In summary, the game offers an unparalleled gaming experience that caters to a player’s quest for adventure, exploration, and the discovery of different universes. Chrono Odyssey is a game that everyone should look forward to.

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