The revival of a classic Dreamcast game, Cosmic Smash, is set to launch on PlayStation VR2 on June 23, 2023. C-Smash VRS is an unusual mashup of squash, tennis, and Breakout, complete with an excellent dance soundtrack. Tennis pros Matt Golledge and Adam Hassan recently tested the game, and both agree that it has a significant appeal to anyone with a connection to tennis.

The VR veteran studio Wolf & Wood has reimagined the cult classic Dreamcast title for PlayStation VR2. The new game’s name, C-Smash VRS, is a combination of “VR” and “versus,” which is clever. Wolf & Wood has done an excellent job of creating a clean aesthetic that brings everything to life in front of the player’s eyes.

C-Smash VRS is an outstanding way to pay homage to a beloved Dreamcast classic while getting some exercise. If you’re not familiar with the game or its mechanics, you may be wondering how it works. The game combines several different concepts and genres, forming an unlikely but entertaining mashup. It feels like playing squash or tennis while also trying to break blocks in a Breakout-style game.

The new version of C-Smash VRS for PlayStation VR2 comes with several new features, including fantastic graphics and a great soundtrack. The game’s overall design includes everything that made the original Dreamcast game so popular, with an updated twist. The game’s music is upbeat and vivacious, bringing fun to the players’ ears as they smash their way through challenges.

Tennis players who searched for a fun way to get exercise will be happy with C-Smash VRS. The game’s mashup of tennis, squash, and Breakout provides a unique and exciting way to move your body while having fun. With the new PlayStation VR2, players can enjoy an immersive experience like never before. Get ready to put on your headphones, start the music, and smash your way through C-Smash VRS!

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