The fate of Deviation Games’ upcoming PlayStation 5 project remains uncertain, as credible sources hint at its cancellation. Founded by a group of ex-Call of Duty developers, the studio had struck an agreement with Sony to create an FPS title for the console platform in 2021; however, information about the game has been scarce since then.

The situation at Deviation Games became more challenging when rumors about layoffs and departure of the co-founder, Jason Blundell, started circulating. The project was also rumored to have been supported by Final Strike Games, which was affected by layoffs, further complicating the situation.

In a recent podcast episode, Colin Moriarty – founder of Last Stand Media and former IGN editor – indicated that he received information that Deviation Games’ PS5 game had been canceled and that the layoffs and cancellation were linked. Although there has been no official statement about the game’s status, it is becoming increasingly likely that there is truth in the speculation.

The game, which was expected to be a new AAA IP for PlayStation 5, was rumored to rely on a Games as a Service (GaaS) revenue model. Unfortunately, this business model has not been well received in the gaming community, with several similar games struggling to stay afloat. The studio’s FPS title may have found it challenging to compete with established behemoths like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and CS: GO.

The cancellation of Deviation Games’ project would be a significant disappointment to FPS fans, as several renowned developers worked on it and had promised to offer the gaming community an exceptional experience. There is hope that the studio will regroup and come up with fresh concepts that will resonate with gamers.

In conclusion, it remains to be seen whether Deviation Games’ PS5 project has indeed been canceled, but the situation appears to indicate that it has. FPS enthusiasts may have to wait a little longer until new and exciting games are developed for their platforms. Meanwhile, fans can look forward to Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase for more updates.

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