PlayStation has recently revealed the best-selling games for the PS5, and to everyone’s surprise, a small indie game from Black Salt Games and Team17 has made it to the charts. Dredge, the single-player fishing adventure game, has infiltrated the list of best-selling games on both the European and North American markets. Despite being released just on March 30, the game has managed to garner scores ranging from 81 to 85 on Metacritic and an overwhelming positive User rating on Steam.

Dredge’s tagline is “What lurks beneath the surface?” and it’s easy to see why. The game takes inspiration from the Lovecraftian horror genre, which gives the gameplay loop of exploring the various depths a sinister underlying current. It follows the journey of a captain on board a trawler. The objective is to complete quests that will uncover the area’s troubled past and sell the caught fish to the locals. As players progress, they will be able to outfit their boat with equipment to go to more remote areas, but they need to keep an eye on the time and their surroundings. Players might encounter threats that they might not like in the dark depths beneath the sea’s surface.

According to a review published on our site that raves about the game’s relaxing monotony, exploration mechanics, and gameplay loop: “Dredge proudly wears its Lovecraft influences on its sleeves in more ways than one by providing players with a comforting daily ritual while constantly reminding players of deeper threats lurking just under the surface of the ocean.” The game offers a unique experience that cannot be matched by any other game, making it a must-try on the PS5.

It is rare to see small indie games at the top charts of best-selling games among known AAA games, and Dredge’s success has made it stand out among others. It’s safe to say that Dredge has earned its place in the PS5 games charts and has proven that small indie games can make it big time. If you are a fan of eerie gameplay, Lovecraftian backgrounds, and a relaxing monotony of fishing, Dredge is a game you should not miss.

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