DriftCE Review (PS5): Glorious Drifting

If you’re at least as addicted to racing video games as I am, you probably know that a little drifting is part of almost every single title out there.

Without a doubt, drifting is already a global phenomenon, and only the most skilled drivers can do it (in controlled environments, of course – after all, we’re at autoevolution here, so we don’t encourage such risky behavior on public roads).

If you can’t cope with your passion for drifting, the folks over at 505 Games have come up with something that’s going to keep you busy for quite a while.

DriftCE is a game, now available on console, that puts you in the shoes of a professional mechanic, driver, and drifting fan. That’s right, the game has a little something for everybody, though, in my time playing it, I found myself spending more time in the garage rather than on the track itself.


Cars are incredibly detailed, and I’m not talking about graphics here. In fact, I’ll rarely mention the graphics in this review, pretty much because they’re not at the center of the drifting experience. I mean, they’re okay, but handling the car is such a challenge that you’ll rarely have the time to admire the landscape.

When you’re out on the track drifting, your main objective is to finish the race as fast as possible. The moment you enter the garage, you discover a completely new world.

In some ways, DriftCE feels like a mix of several games, including Car Mechanic Simulator and any other racing title. The garage experience is mind-blowing for petrolheads, as they have the option to inspect closely every little part hiding under the hood. And above all, they can replace, upgrade, and optimize them in such a way that the performance is eventually improved, leading to better drifting.


You can replace everything from filters to exhaust systems. The game might feel overwhelming for someone who’s not necessarily interested in the mechanical side of a vehicle, but on the other hand, it includes a “missing parts” option to figure out what they need to do. In other words, the game suggests how you can improve the performance of the vehicle, eventually helping you build the ultimate drifting machine.

If you’re new to this world, I strongly recommend you complete the tutorial. This way, you can get a sense of how it feels to be a mechanic, especially because DriftCE allows you to walk around in a garage just like one. You can install steering wheels and seats, replace the gear lever, choose new tires, and so on. You’re in full control of how the car looks and the way it behaves on the road.

DriftCE doesn’t include an insane amount of car models, but it does sport nameplates whose drifting legacy is undeniable, including BMWs, Mazdas, and Nissans. Sure enough, you can choose the stock version and then personalize it in any way you like, not only mechanically but also aesthetically. That’s precisely why I said that spending time in the garage was my favorite part of the game.

This doesn’t mean the drifting experience isn’t good enough. It is, but putting everything together feels more rewarding. Once you build the drifting machine, you can take it on the track, where you must complete challenges and win races. This is how you earn points to buy more advanced parts, eventually unlocking more upgrades.

The game physics are top-notch. Drifting isn’t easy, and you might find the game rather frustrating at first, but give it some time, and you’ll eventually figure out that everything is just the way it’s supposed to be. It’s not an arcade game, so if you believe that you can just press the throttle and then accelerate all the way to the finish line, that’s not going to happen.



At the end of the day, DriftCE is, without a doubt, one of the best drifting games I ever played. I know most people will rush to take the car to the track, but the best thing about DriftCE is that it puts you in full control of the drifting experience.

And this involves more than just going sideways on a track. The garage is extremely detailed, and I was super-impressed with the overall attention to detail. The number of supported parts is glorious, and buying and upgrading a car has never felt so rewarding.

DriftCE isn’t the kind of game that you play for a week and then forget it existed. It’ll keep you entertained for much longer, especially because it offers endless customization options before letting you put them up to the test on the track.

RATING: 90/100

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