PS5 Decrypted Game Dumps Now Possible

A new tool has been developed that allows PS5 game enthusiasts to dump the decrypted binaries of their favorite games. The payload loader, created by Sleirsgoevy, is based on webkit and kernel exploits. For now, the PS5 4.03 firmware is the only version compatible with the tool.

Dumping Decrypted PS5 Games

While FTP exploits have existed for some time allowing people to dump encrypted versions of PS5 games, until now, the game binaries remained encrypted and therefore impossible to backup. This new payload loader, however, enables the decryption of game binaries while the game is running and makes backup possible.

Using the tool is relatively simple. Once a user starts the game and minimizes it, they can go to the browser to launch the exploit and load the payload.bin. From there, the tool should dump the game data to USB.

Furthermore, users can use FTP to dump the unencrypted files such as resource assets. This is not only better than backing up the game from discs but also helps prevent any loss to the original games, as it keeps them in their pristine condition.

Future Development of the Tool

Right now, the Sleirsgoevy payload loader only works on the PS5 4.03 firmware. However, there is a possibility that the tool could be ported to other exploitable firmwares, such as up to 4.51 firmware, with the right offsets.

In conclusion, the new PS5 tool for dumping decrypted game binaries is a significant advancement for gamers worldwide. The tool provides an improved method for gamers to back up their games through decryption, and it also ensures that the originals are preserved in their perfect condition. As always, caution should be exercised when downloading payload loaders from untrusted sources.

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