EA CEO Andrew Wilson has expressed “extraordinary confidence” in the new leadership team of the long-running FPS franchise, Battlefield, and has stated that the development team is working hard to bring the game back in an entirely new way on the PS5.

The latest Battlefield game, Battlefield 2042, has faced criticism from fans and the gaming community due to a barrage of bugs at launch, but the franchise chief assured investors in a recent conference call that the team is making progress towards the future of the game. Wilson did not announce any specific dates for the upcoming project, but he has mentioned that the Battlefield IP will be returning in a fresh, entirely new form in the future.

In recent months, Battlefield 2042 has seen a lot of changes, such as returning to the classic class system, fun limited-time events, and drastic map overhauls. Many fans have praised these improvements, which have made the game more enjoyable.

The statement from Wilson has reignited hope amongst Battlefield fans who have been eagerly awaiting a totally new Battlefield experience. The upcoming game on the PS5 promises to be a fresh and exciting entry in the long-running franchise, which is bound to impress fans and newcomers alike.

The newly revitalized Battlefield leadership team is determined to make things right by its community. Fans are optimistic about the future of Battlefield, and the PS5 game promises to be the future of the franchise.

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