According to recent reports, Deviation Games, a video game development studio that partnered with Sony for an exclusive project on PlayStation 5, may be facing roadblocks. The studio had been one of a handful of new companies that Sony had signed exclusive arrangements with earlier in the generation, but rumors have been circulating that this project may not be progressing well.

In late 2021, co-founder Jason Blundell departed his team, and now it seems like the project may have hit a brick wall. An enormous chunk of the developer has been laid off, with reports suggesting that up to 90 staff may have been cut. This restructuring follows speculation regarding Final Strike Games, who were allegedly working alongside Deviation Games as a support studio on an unnamed AAA title, but had recently laid off staff.

Sony conducted an internal review earlier this month, which culminated in the closure of PixelOpus, a first-party studio. Hence, the platform holder may have also dropped this release. However, it’s unclear what exactly the team at Deviation Games was working on. The team of nearly 100 employees was comprised of Call of Duty and Destiny veterans, leading to assumptions that the project was some kind of co-op first-person shooter, but that was never officially confirmed.

We attempted to contact Sony for comment, but we did not receive a response. It’s possible that the partnership between Sony and Deviation Games may have come to an amicable end due to creative differences or other unforeseen circumstances. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing news for the industry and for those anticipating this release. Stay tuned for updates on the future of Deviation Games and its partnership with Sony.

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