Panic, the publishers of Firewatch, Untitled Goose Game, and Nour: Play With Your Food, have revealed their upcoming game Despelote. The soccer game is set to hit PS5 in 2024 and will also be a part of Tribeca’s 2023 Festival Selection. Despelote is a slice-of-life adventure that delves into childhood and soccer’s magical hold on the people of Quito, Ecuador in 2001. Developed by Julián Cordero & Sebastian Valbuena, the game is a semi-autobiographical story of Cordero’s childhood, which feels authentic to a specific time and place, while also being universal in many respects.

Despelote’s gameplay features verbs familiar with soccer, such as dribbling, passing, and kicking from a first-person perspective. The game has a unique look created from reference photos and actual textures captured on site in Quito. The audio is also authentic as the developers recorded genuine conversations and city ambiance to produce game sound effects. Despelote is fully voiced in Spanish, with localized subtitles depending on preference.

Whether you are a casual soccer fan, someone who enjoys being immersed in other cultures, or has a love for good storytelling, you can find something special in Despelote when it launches on PS5 in 2024. Despelote is expected to be a beautiful game that leans more on playfulness, comedy, and storytelling as you explore the streets of Quito and get caught up in mischief while taking in the local culture.

The game has already generated interest as it became part of Tribeca’s 2023 Festival Selection. Fans can watch the trailer for the game and see how Despelote captures a unique childhood experience in Quito, which made it an excellent choice to be part of the festival.

There are a lot of exciting things to look forward to from Panic and Despelote soon. It is a game that promises to be an enjoyable, transportive, and narrative-driven adventure that resonates with many gamers across the globe. The game will be a success as it has an authentic look, narrative, and sound that captures the essence of soccer and Ecuadorian culture.

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