Formula 1 2021 just got better with the addition of the iconic ‘Red Flag’ feature in the game. Race officials, in real life, use the red flag to suspend a race in case of an accident or any other potentially dangerous situation.

The same feature has been added to the game and makes the racing experience even more realistic for players. But how does it work in the game?

When a red flag is shown, all the cars must come to a complete stop at a safe location. During this stoppage, the Virtual Safety Car (VSC) will be deployed, and players must follow it around the circuit.

There are specific rules that players must adhere to during a red-flagged race. Firstly, exceeding speeds during a red-flagged period will lead to penalties. Secondly, players cannot enter the pit lane until the race resumes.

However, teams can make some adjustments to their cars, including changing the tires and the fuel load. But they must do so without the assistance of pit crew members.

In Multiplayer mode, the game will display a countdown timer that shows the time left before the race resumes, allowing players to prepare accordingly.

Players will experience the adrenaline and suspense of a red-flagged race, and it’s a great addition to the game’s list of features.

So, if you haven’t yet tried the F1 2021 game, now is the time to experience the fun of a red-flagged race!


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