Electronic Arts (EA) has revealed that F1 23, its upcoming Formula One racing game, will not be supported by PSVR2. This news is disappointing for PlayStation fans who were hoping for immersive VR gameplay, especially considering the successful implementation of VR in Gran Turismo 7. EA has confirmed that F1 23 will have a PC VR version, which will be released on June 16th, 2023. However, the game will launch on both PS5 and PS4 on June 13th, a few days before the PC version.

The exclusion of PSVR2 support has raised concerns among gamers who appreciate immersive gaming experiences. The success and popularity of Gran Turismo 7’s VR implementation have garnered a significant following of PSVR2 supporters. EA’s decision to exclude PSVR2 may alienate some Formula One racing fans who were excited to experience the game in VR.

EA’s decision to release F1 23 on PS5, PS4, and PC has been welcomed by many gamers. However, the lack of PSVR2 support may be a missed opportunity for the developers to provide a more immersive gameplay experience. As a result, fans of Formula One racing may feel that the game does not deliver the ultimate racing experience that they are looking for.

Despite EA’s decision, fans of Formula One racing will still be excited to experience the virtual world of F1 23. The game promises to deliver an exhilarating and authentic racing experience, with incredibly detailed cars and tracks. With the addition of support for PC VR, gamers who prefer VR gameplay will still be able to enjoy the game.

EA Sports F1 23 promises to be a significant release for fans of Formula One racing, and the game’s upcoming launch on PS5 and PS4 has generated anticipation among gamers. However, the exclusion of PSVR2 support is a missed opportunity for EA to provide an immersive gaming experience. Regardless, F1 23 is still expected to be an exciting and immersive racing experience for fans of the sport on all platforms.

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