FIFA 23 on PS5 Keeps Crashing Due to Too Many Friends

EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 23 players on PS5 might experience stability issues after downloading Title Update 12. The latest update fixes some bugs and makes tweaks to the game, but it also caused significant issues, particularly for PS5 players. The main problem involves crashing when, after experiencing connectivity with EA Servers, players with more than 100 friends on their PS5 cannot enter the game’s main menu. The crash also occurs at random times. EA Sports acknowledged the issue and offered temporary advice to reduce the friend’s list to 100 or less then to relaunch the game. The issue has also been added to EA Sports’ official Trello board of FIFA 23 issues.

As of press time, gamers wait for a resolution to the stability issue caused by the latest update. It’s uncertain what the EA writers were addressing in FIFA 23 Title Update 12; instead, something went wrong, leading to the current issue at hand. Clearly, the problem lies with having too many friends on PS5.

EA Sport confirmed fixing FIFA 23’s recent issues for game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Volta Football, audio, and visual. The challenging UI was absent during a specific Shootout FUT Moment. In tournaments, players could not swap teams in the UEFA Women’s Champions League competition.

In the meantime, players who wish to play FIFA 23 on PS5 must follow the temporary workaround advised by EA Sports to remove some friends from their list. Finally, stay tuned for further updates and resolutions to the FIFA 23 crashing on PS5 issue.

The gaming community eagerly awaits the new and improved FIFA 23 without issues on PS5 after the next update.

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