Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive thanks to an irresistible offer made by Sony, it has been reported. Revealing the reason behind the game’s PS5 exclusivity, Final Fantasy series Producer Naoki Yoshida explained that the FFXVI team considered multiple options once development began. The team approached multiple companies and platforms about releasing the game but Sony’s offer proved superior, according to Yoshida. Square Enix has collaborated with Sony for various PlayStation-exclusive games in the past.

For Xbox fans, it is yet to be seen if Final Fantasy 16 will ever make it across the platform. FFXVI is a PS5 console exclusive for a limited time so it will eventually appear on PC. However, whether or not it will ever be available on Xbox remains unknown. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally released as a timed exclusive for PS4 before it was launched on other platforms. Despite this, it has not come availabe on Xbox to date and probably never will.

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