Square Enix is back with a new DLC pack for PS5 called “Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust”. It proves to be an outstanding example of how DLC can improve upon the initial game. The expansion does not come with the burden of an open-world adventure that includes a vast amount of land and tedious side stories.

In Tanta We Trust is a tightly-packed experience that is consistently enjoyable, yet it feels slightly too short. While the game is advertised as taking place after the events of the main game, the vast majority of the story serves as a prequel.

Protagonist Frey Holland is transported back in time to the Purge of the Rheddig, which was a war that ravaged Athia and sent the Tantas into chaos. Frey finds herself in someone else’s body and is accompanied by Tanta Cinta, who’s out to save the city by any means necessary. The storyline is basic and does not have enough time to establish many twists or provide further stake factors. That being said, it’s a streamlined mission that presents a unique combat system.

The condensed structure of In Tanta We Trust is less time-consuming in terms of daily wandering progresses, while more time is allocated for various combat systems. Frey quickly unlocks a whole new set of powers to use, which function together with the combat skills of Tanta Cinta. Tanta Cinta is your companion throughout the game, and your melee and ranged powers can be combined for maximum damage and devastating blows.

It’s an incredibly satisfying experience when you can turn large groups of opponents into an enticing opportunity rather than something to run from. You can add another 30 minutes to that 2.5-hour playtime if you see everything the DLC has to offer. The DLC offers a single open area that is both visually appealing and fun to explore. The tree at the center of the city is huge, with crystals that pop up from the ground, while the town wraps around it in a circle. With a new traversal option that acts a lot like a whip, you can dash all over the place and quickly cross chasms and great spans of land.

In conclusion, In Tanta We Trust is a DLC that is better than the main game. Although it is comparatively small in comparison to the main game, the condensed version with the improved combat system and new traversal option makes it a more enjoyable, tightly packed experience that gets you into action much faster. The expansion is an excellent version of Forspoken, turning it into a much tighter, more enjoyable game that does away with some of the excesses of the initial game.


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