Gamer Creates Incredible Last of Us Themed PS5

An extremely talented gamer has created an incredible Last of Us themed PlayStation 5. Although The Last of Us is now also on PC, it seems as though gamers haven’t forgotten where the series’ roots began. The fan base for The Last of Us has proven to be one of the most dedicated in all of gaming. The story of Joel and Ellie has really resonated with players over the past decade, and the result has been some incredible fan creations that show off the creativity within the community.

One Last of Us fan even spent 3 months building a crazy clicker statue, with truly terrifying attention to detail. With the TV adaptation on HBO causing a massive surge in popularity for the franchise, there are sure to be even more talented people being exposed to the games, which can only mean more of these brilliant creations in the future.

This particular creation comes from Redditor Altruistic_Event_305, a Brazilian artist who shared their Last of Us themed PlayStation 5 with the internet. It’s a remarkable piece of work, showing a clicker from The Last of Us bursting out from the console.

The best part is that the skin is completely removable, so anyone that got hold of this themed PlayStation 5 would be able to restore it if they desired. The user even claims to have tested all the air outlets with a temperature meter, so that anyone with an overheating console would still be able to enjoy this creation just fine.

Customizing consoles has always been a big part of the gaming experience for many players, especially as a practical form of expression for talented gamers out there. There were many in the thread who demanded to know where they could purchase the skin for their own PlayStation 5s.

There was even one gamer who spent $70,000 customizing a 10-foot-tall PlayStation 5, but this is definitely a more extreme case. The fan community for The Last of Us just seems to keep on growing, and the results have been incredible.

With the recent release of the game on PC, the modding community has finally been unleashed on one of the best games of all time. Early signs are brilliant, with one Last of Us mod bringing The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes to the game. Sure, not every mod has been a winner, but it’s still early days and there is plenty of potential there to begin with. As the game becomes more polished on PC, fans can expect to see even more from the modding community.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available now on PC and PS5.


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