Interested in the Session: Skate Sim video game? You’re in luck. Amazon is currently offering a great deal for the PlayStation 5 version, which is currently 46% off the original price. This highly immersive skateboarding simulation game is priced at just $26.68, saving you a considerable amount compared to its regular price of $49.99.

Session: Skate Sim offers a realistic and immersive skateboarding experience through its innovative dual stick controls, where each stick represents one foot. This design allows players to learn weight transfer and control, closely mimicking real-life skateboarding.

The game also features a unique film mode that enables players to record their moves, edit footage, and create impressive video clips from the perspective of a camera operator.

Crea-ture Studios, an indie game developer based in Montreal, is responsible for creating Session: Skate Sim. With a focus on delivering unique gaming experiences to players, the studio has developed an immersive video game that has been compared to the beloved Skate series. Session: Skate Sim is an open-ended, authentic skateboarding experience that offers dual stick controls resembling real-life weight transference and control. It features over 250 parts for customization, almost 200 items from renowned brands such as Fallen and Zero, and a fish-eye lens effect that adds authenticity and uniqueness to the visuals.

Moreover, players can customize their skateboards by completing challenges and earning money to spend in virtual skate shops, where they can find almost 200 items from renowned brands like Fallen and Zero. With over 250 parts available for customization, players can directly influence their in-game skateboarding performance.

For those interested in less of a traditional “scoring system” skateboarding experience and more of an authentic, open-ended one, this game is an excellent choice. With the discounted price of $26.68 on Amazon, now is the perfect time to pick up Session: Skate Sim for your PS5.


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