Looking for a discount on one of the very best TVs for gaming on the market? Look no further! This deal we’ve uncovered on the LG C2 OLED TV is definitely for you. We love this TV for many reasons (including its vibrant colours, deep blacks, incredibly smooth visuals, and customisable settings), and you can now purchase the 48-inch model for just $949.99 from Amazon – down from the original price of $1,299.99. This incredible offer saves you a massive $350!

The LG C2 OLED TV has secured the top spot as the best TV for PS5 in our guide, with an outstanding 4K OLED screen that will make your visuals really pop. The television supports up to 4K/120fps for ultra-smooth gameplay, making it an ideal choice for gamers. Plus, it boasts a fantastic Game Optimiser menu to fully customise your settings to best suit your gaming needs.

The LG C2 OLED (48-inch) has a stunning AI-powered 4K display, built-in Alexa, and virtual surround sound to give you a fully immersive experience. The television usually retails at $1,499.99, but we’ve seen it dip lower since its release in 2022. This current price of $949.99 is not the lowest price we’ve ever seen it, but it comes pretty close! If you’re looking for the best price on the LG C2 OLED TV for all the different sizes available, we’ve got you covered too.

Nearly all of the reviews we’ve seen online have highly praised this television, with its stunning visuals and great preset modes. In our personal LG C2 review, we also claim it to be one of the best OLED TVs on the market today.

If you’re interested in more detailed specs and information, make sure to check out our dedicated LG C2 review. You can also purchase this fantastic TV directly from Amazon for $949.99 – an unbeatable price at the moment, and one that we highly recommend taking advantage of.

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