Hogwarts Legacy’s Massive PS5 Success Could Be Conjuring a Sequel Already

Fans of the magical world of Harry Potter have been eagerly anticipating the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the newly-released RPG that lets you live out your Hogwarts dreams in a sprawling adventure across the wizarding world. And it seems that the game’s massive success on PlayStation 5 could already be conjuring a sequel.

According to Game Rant, developer Avalanche Software has already begun recruiting for an unannounced AAA console title, and we can guess that it’s not for DLC or the already-released Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. With Hogwarts Legacy’s wild success already breaking records and delighting fans across the globe, it’s exciting to speculate what Avalanche Software has in store for players next – and if it’s another magical adventure set in the world of Harry Potter, fans are sure to be flocking to buy it.

Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter game fans have been waiting for, letting you create your own character and embark on quests through the halls of Hogwarts and beyond. But with any game there’s always room for improvement, and fans are already speculating about the possibilities for future games. While it’s not official until Avalanche Software confirms it, we can’t help but wonder what another visit to the wizarding world might have in store.

For PlayStation 4 players who have yet to get a chance to play Hogwarts Legacy, the wait is almost over – the game is set to release on that platform in the coming hours, depending on your region. And for those lucky enough to have already experienced the magic of the PS5 version, it’s clear that the future of Harry Potter gaming is already looking bright.

Stay tuned for updates on what Avalanche Software has in store for players next – in the meantime, hop on your broomstick and soar through the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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