Honkai: Star Rail PS5 & PS4 Cross-Save & Cross-Progression Explained

Good news for gamers all over the world! Honkai: Star Rail, the popular game from HoYoverse, will soon be coming to PlayStation consoles. Although the exact release date is not confirmed yet, rumors are floating around that it will be in June 2023 or along with version 1.1. The question on every gamer’s mind is whether the game will have cross-save or cross-progression functionality when it finally arrives on PlayStation consoles.

Cross-save and cross-progression allow players to transfer their progress across multiple platforms without starting from scratch each time. It is an essential feature for many gamers who would like to seamlessly continue playing their game on another platform. Will Honkai: Star Rail have cross-save for PS5 and PS4? Although there has been no official confirmation from HoYoverse, it is expected that the game will have this functionality since Genshin Impact, another popular game from the same developer, already has cross-save for PC, mobile, PS5, and PS4. The only thing that players need to do to continue their progress on a different platform is link their PSN account to their HoYoverse account and grab their save.

HoYoverse has a full FAQ on how PSN cross-save works for Genshin Impact, which is likely to apply to Honkai: Star Rail too, whenever it is released on PlayStation. Please note that a certain server version of the game may be required to use cross-save, so players must make sure that their save is based on the right server.

Gamers who have been playing Honkai: Star Rail on their mobile devices or PC with underpowered specs can now play the high-quality console version on PS5. The game’s graphics will be of higher quality, and the frame rates will be smoother, providing a fantastic visual experience. It is essential to start playing the game on PC or mobile now because some events require players to wait until the daily server reset to trigger. So, get ready to play Honkai: Star Rail on your PS5 or PS4 and enjoy the experience of cross-play and cross-save!

In conclusion, the PlayStation version of Honkai: Star Rail is gradually becoming one of the most anticipated releases for gamers worldwide. The expectation of cross-save and cross-progression gameplay between different platforms will surely add to the excitement of the gaming experience. Get ready for the ultimate transition from your mobile devices or PCs to your PS5 or PS4!

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