Horizon Forbidden West has become one of PS5’s best-selling games with a record 8.4 million copies sold. This was announced on the 20th anniversary of Guerrilla Games on the PlayStation Blog post. The record-breaking sales comprise all sales of both PS5 and PS4 games and do not include any downloads from PS Plus Extra. The Horizon series, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Call of the Mountain, has sold a total of 32.7 million copies, including PS Plus and the Play At Home redemptions.

The sales milestone pits Horizon Forbidden West among the upper echelons of top-selling PS5 games, competing with games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and God of War Ragnarok. “All told, it’s a milestone we never imagined possible 20 years ago when we first started making games,” said studio director Jan-Bart van Beek. The PS5 version has been updated with a significant expansion in Burning Shores, and sales of the base game should receive a boost in the near future.

The Horizon series’ success has been staggering, and the team is grateful to its community for the continued love and support for the franchise. “We Guerrillas feel lucky to witness that support every day: we share community fanart and the cosplay,” said Beek. He added: “Her latest mission takes her to the ruins of Los Angeles in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, and we can’t wait for you to find out where she’ll go next,” teasing the third instalment.

The news of Horizon Forbidden West’s success is huge for Sony. It continues to solidify its position as one of the major players in the gaming industry with the PS5 being the fastest-selling console in history. The PS5’s lead is set to continue with upcoming releases such as Deathloop, God of War Ragnarok, and a new Gran Turismo game.

If you still haven’t played Horizon Forbidden West, we recommend you to try this visually stunning and exciting game. It offers quality gameplay, excellent storyline with a substantial plot that will keep you entertained and engaged.


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