Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores expansion has finally received an update that will allow completionists to reach the ultimate goal of 100% completion of the PS5 DLC. Although many players have sailed through the story, none have yet achieved the commendable 100% completion. The reason behind this is that players had to acquire every single Brimshine crystal which was not possible to buy and upgrade in a single playthrough. However, with the latest update, this issue has been resolved as the crystal was added to the game.

The developer, Guerrilla Games, has not given out any hint or direction on the whereabouts of the crystal. Thus, players must search on their own to find it without any external help. Furthermore, completing the entire game content is already a lengthy and challenging task and adding the burden of finding every collectible is an arduous task that demands patience. However, dedicated players who have a passion for completing every element of the game will surely be excited about this update as it will allow them to accomplish the ultimate goal.

Horizon Forbidden West is a highly popular game with an extensive fan base all around the world. The addition of this new content in the latest update will undoubtedly reignite players’ interests in the game. Fans can now spend more time exploring the beautiful world of Horizon Forbidden West, and enjoy every aspect of the game.

In conclusion, this latest addition to Horizon Forbidden West is a great piece of news for avid gamers and completionists who want to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching 100% completion of the PS5 DLC. It provides an extra layer of complexity to the game which both challenges and excites players. The new content added in the update is sure to satisfy fans of the Horizon Forbidden West franchise, and it will keep them engaged for many more hours of gameplay.

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