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Are you planning to buy a PlayStation 5? Here’s how you can get your hands on a PS5 console or digital edition effortlessly!

How to Buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023

After years of sold-out notices across retailers, the PlayStation 5 is now easy to find and purchase worldwide. For those looking to buy a PlayStation 5 console or digital edition, we have the best deals on the market for you.

Although the PlayStation 5 console and digital editions are the same prices at every store, Best Buy, PlayStation, and Amazon offer their own bundles and sales for varied purchase options. From game bundles, controller bundles, or quick shipping, each option has a unique perk. Here’s a breakdown of the how to buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023.

How to Buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023 from Best Buy

Best Buy currently has a multitude of options for players looking to buy the PS5. The console is in stock for $499.99 and the digital edition is available for $399.99. There are also bundles that come with popular releases and controllers in addition to the console. The best deals are as follows:

  • PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarök Console Bundle: $509.99
  • PlayStation 5 Console and Hogwarts Legacy: $569.98
  • PlayStation 5 Console and Elden Ring: $552.98
  • PlayStation 5 Console and DualSense Wireless Controller: $574.98
  • PlayStation 5 Console, Hogwarts Legacy, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and God of War Ragnarök: $709.96

How to Buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023 Directly from PlayStation

PlayStation has a more limited range of options for buyers. Their website offers the following:

  • PlayStation 5 Console: $499.99
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: $399.99
  • PlayStation 5 Console-God of War Ragnarök Bundle: $509.99
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition-God of War Ragnarök Bundle: $459.99

PlayStation is also currently offering a sale that gives buyers $10 off when they purchase any two PS5 items.

How to Buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023 from Amazon

Amazon also has the PS5 console in stock for $499.99, and the God of War Ragnarök Bundle for $509.99. Although Best Buy and PlayStation have more options to save money, Amazon Prime members can get their purchase in just a few days after ordering online.

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If you’re looking to purchase a PlayStation 5 in 2023, then Best Buy, Playstation, and Amazon are the places to check. With various exciting bundles and deals available, you need not worry about finding the right fit for your gaming needs. So buy a PlayStation 5 today and enjoy your favorite games in all their glory!


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