HoYoverse, the developer behind the insanely popular game Genshin Impact, recently released their new turn-based RPG, Honkai: Star Rail. The mobile and PC versions have been out for about a month now, and fans of the game are eagerly waiting for it to be available on PS5 and PS4. The developer is set to address this concern this week, on May 26th, during Honkai: Star Rail’s inaugural Galactic Roaming Livestream, where they will reveal all the details about the game’s first major post-release refresh.

HoYoverse holds broadcasts every six weeks to reveal the contents of the next major update of their games. In this case, as Honkai: Star Rail’s first post-release upgrade release around June 6th, the live stream will reveal new banners, events, and content. Fans are looking forward to hearing about any updates and release dates for the PS5 and PS4 versions.

There’s been no official news as to when the PS5 and PS4 ports will be released, which leads us to believe that they may be included with the major update. So, if the live stream doesn’t include any news on the PS5 and PS4 versions, we may have to wait until v1.2 later this year.

Here are the Livestream times if you’re interested in tuning in:

– North America: 4:30 am PDT / 5:30 am MDT / 6:30 am CDT / 7:30 am EDT
– UK/Ire: 12:30 pm BST
– Europe: 1:30 pm CEST / 2:30 pm EEST
– Asia/Oceania: 8:30 pm JST / 7:30 pm AWST / 9:30 pm AEST

Honkai: Star Rail has garnered much attention since its release, and the developer is leaving no stones unturned to keep their fans invested in the game. The players are eager to get their hands on the PS5 and PS4 version of Honkai: Star Rail, and the Livestream will hopefully shed some light on this pressing issue.

In conclusion, If you’re a fan of Honkai: Star Rail, tune in to the Livestream on May 26th, and keep your fingers crossed for news on the much-awaited PS5 and PS4 versions.

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