Humanity: The best PS5 exclusive that wasn’t developed by Sony

Over the years, the PlayStation brand has experienced a transformation from an oddball platform that often took creative risks to a cinematic action-adventure brand that feels less safe compared to its earlier days. However, this gradual shift has left loyal fans of PlayStation hungry for more diverse gaming experiences.

Developed and published by THA LTD, Humanity is a game that satisfies this hunger. It’s already garnered several impressive accolades due to its unique gameplay, making it the best reason to subscribe to PS Plus. It’s also the best game currently available on PlayStation VR2, and – dare we say it – perhaps the best PS5 console exclusive (although it’s also available on PC via Steam!).

In Humanity, you play the role of a shiba inu tasked with herding lines of wandering humans through challenging puzzle chambers. The game begins with players directing the aimless traffic into proper queues by placing commands down on tiles that the humans will follow when they pass by them. Later stages in the game introduce new commands such as split into different directions, float, and more. These commands require players to be increasingly creative in solving the puzzles.

One of the striking features of Humanity is the visual imagery presented in the game. It presents thousands of tiny humans wandering around on the screen, giving you an ant-hill perspective. It’s both a marvel to watch and immensely satisfying once the humans start following your intricate pathways that you lay out for them. For players who play the game outside of VR, the experience gets even better in a headset, as players get a bird’s eye view of each level, enabling them to get a better look at each level and game plan with ease.

This title strongly evokes echoes of other excellent puzzle games such as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Lemmings, as well as the 2008 Sony title, Echochrome. It holds the same atmospheric weirdness that makes PlayStation classics such as Fantavision or I.Q: Intelligent Qube appealing to many. On the thematic level, however, the game offers a surprising and rich meditation on human evolution, taking us through the dark side of humanity – war.

At around the midway point of the game, it introduces computer-controlled humans who are in competition with your little guys. That playful dynamic eventually turns into a full-on war, with the rival faction starting to attack your humans with laser guns and swords. Around chapter four, Humanity turns into a real scenario game, giving players a set of new commands: ones that arm humans with weapons. Levels morph into real-time tactics battles where players need to find the right way to push back against waves of ongoing enemies and wipe them out.

In conclusion, Humanity is a unique, one-of-a-kind game that puts more thought into game mechanics as a way of communicating some ideas better than any other medium. With its totally oddball experience and commentary on war, it’s certainly a niche title. It’s not without its convoluted puzzle solutions that are sure to cause frustration, but it still remains one of those special games that stands out in the crowded world of gaming titles. Humanity is out now on PS4, PS5, and PC and is compatible with VR headsets, including PlayStation VR2.

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