Insider Claims That Deviation Games’ PS5 Exclusive Is Canceled

In a recent podcast of Sacred Symbols, Colin Moriarty, a PlayStation insider, revealed that the PS5 exclusive game being developed by Deviation Games has been canceled. Moriarty disclosed that he had received information from a source that the game had been scrapped. He had earlier received a similar warning from the same insider about impending layoffs at Deviation Games that turned out to be true, causing him to have confidence in the cancellation news.

The PS5 exclusive game, which had not been revealed, was being developed in partnership with Deviation Games since its announcement by Sony in June 2021. However, there has been no official word about the game’s status since then. After Jason Blundell’s departure in September 2022, Deviation Games laid off a substantial number of employees following similar action at several other studios. Final Strike Games, which was rumored to be supporting Deviation’s PS5 project, announced a significant number of layoffs earlier this month. Moriarty’s report is a confirmation that rumors of the game’s impending doom were, in fact, accurate.

Sony has announced that it was re-evaluating its strategic objectives and, in the process, shut down Pixelopus. It is possible that Deviation Games’ PS5 exclusive suffered the same fate during the exercise. The absence of an official statement makes it hard to ascertain what precisely happened behind the scenes.

In Conclusion

Sony’s partnership with Deviation Games, founded by industry veterans and former Call of Duty developers, was seen as a significant boost to the company’s exclusive games development. The cancellation of its PS5 exclusive game will undoubtedly come as a disappointment for the gaming community and Sony fans alike, who were hoping to get their hands on the game. We can only imagine the intense speculation that will arise now about what happened behind the scenes and whether there are plans for another project. Stay tuned for any updates.

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