Summer has always been the season when publishers showcase upcoming games. While the COVID pandemic has forced the cancelation of high-profile events like E3, digital showcases are now the norm. Players eagerly await digital events from publishers like Sony, specifically their State of Play. And it seems like fans might not have to wait too much longer, as insider Shinobi602 recently teased a new event.

On ResetEra, Shinobi602 mentioned that he didn’t think it was too early to showcase new games from PlayStation’s studios. This comment piqued the interest of many fans. So much so that Shinobi602 felt the need to clarify his comment.

“To be clear, I don’t know what Sony’s exact plans are when it comes to a showcase or State of Plays and all that. But I know a good amount of teams are at a point where things are certainly ready to be shown. That’s exciting,” Shinobi602 wrote.

While we don’t yet know when the event will occur, fans are anxiously waiting. Sony’s plans for the rest of 2023 are largely a mystery, with only a few games with release dates like Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Fans are curious about what else a State of Play might reveal. With a number of first-party studios under Playstation’s umbrella, the possibilities are endless.

A State of Play or showcase will provide fans with some much-needed insight into the future of gaming, and even more, news has arrived that the PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected to release later this year. There are still a lot of questions surrounding next year for Sony but it’s safe to say they are definitely going to continue showcasing some amazing games.

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