Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 is poised to be one of the biggest hits of the console’s early life. Millie Amand, a verified PlayStation insider, teased some exciting news for the game’s animation and graphics in a recent tweet. According to Amand, the swing and jump animations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are set to be awe-inspiring. Amand compared the animations seen in the newest game to the sensations showcased in past titles. These titles included Killzone and Motorstorm for the first time on the PS3 at E3, the visuals of Gran Turismo 3 on PS2, and the stunning opening of Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2. Players are likely to have high expectations for Insomniac’s newest game after the success of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which was a launch title for the PS5.

As noted in an announcement by Sony today, fans will soon learn more about the title at the next PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday, May 24. Although Spider-Man 2 has yet to be confirmed for the show, Sony is expected to highlight the game at the event with gameplay footage and a launch date. While no new details have been released on the game, a highly anticipated prequel comic is currently available for free online, adding to the hype surrounding the Marvel superhero. From what has been announced, the newest Spider-Man game promises to deliver an experience like no other, exclusively for PlayStation 5 users and expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting game.

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