It appears that the window of opportunity to avoid purchasing a PS5 has closed. During the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed that the PlayStation 5 has entered its third year since its release in November 2020. This console has been in high demand ever since, but 2023 marked the first year it became readily available.

The pandemic and a global shortage of semiconductor chips resulted in significant supply chain issues, which led to the initial scarcity of PS5s. However, with the release of several major titles this year, including Spider-Man 2 and the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, the console has now become more accessible than ever before.

Unfortunately for those unwilling to upgrade, Sony’s PS4-compatible titles are dwindling fast. Only a few games such as Street Fighter 6 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be playable on the previous generation console. If you want to keep up with new releases, you’ll require a PS5.

While inflation is on the rise, the upgrade may not feel worth the cost to some. The faster loading times, clearer picture, and quieter sound may not be significant enough features to justify spending a large sum of money. However, if you’re a gamer who is eagerly anticipating the new exclusives, the decision may be a no-brainer.

Compared to previous generations of consoles, the PS5 stands out as necessary primarily for playing exclusive games. Cloud’s further adventures in Final Fantasy VII and other fan-favorite games are enough to convince many gamers to make the upgrade.

As Sony pushes forward with their goal to eliminate PS4-exclusive titles, players who are content with their current device may feel forced to switch. At the end of the day, the lure of more HD Sephiroth and other exclusive content is strong.

In conclusion, the PS5 console is now more accessible than ever before, while PS4-compatible titles are becoming harder to find. While the upgrade may not feel necessary for those who are content with their PS4, avid gamers can’t afford to miss out on exclusive content. As inflation rises, the decision to upgrade is a personal one that ultimately depends on your love for new titles, enhanced graphics, faster load times, and more.

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