Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear, an interlinking narrative featuring striking Unreal Engine 5 visuals, new gameplay elements, and expanded plotlines, will be releasing for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC on 15th June. The “psychedelic horror chronicle” reimagines the previous two Layers of Fear titles and their Inheritance DLC as a single harrowing story. The game follows the unravellings of a painter on the verge of completing his masterpiece and a legendary actor making one final movie on a labyrinthine ocean liner, accompanied by a new “story chapter” following the painter’s rarely seen wife, plus a new framing device tying the whole thing together. The Layers of Fear remake’s “first few minutes” are available now on Steam and include an opening cinematic.

With the launch of the game right around the corner, Bloober Team has finally revealed its release date, having given out only a vague “June” launch window previously. The game developer has breathed new life into the Layers of Fear series by combining all the previous games into one. In addition, the game will feature a new “story chapter” that follows the painter’s rarely seen wife and a new framing device focusing on a lighthouse bound character so that everything ties together nicely. The game also includes a brand-new feature – a lantern to fend off shadowy terrors, complementing expanded plot lines.

The Layers of Fear remake will officially be launched on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on June 15th, so fans can get ready to experience the nail-biting experience. A playable limited-time demo is available now on Steam, which contains the “first few minutes” of the game and the opening cinematic, but will only be available until May 22nd.

All in all, Layers of Fear is an extraordinary game, combining various elements of horror to create a thrilling experience. The game developer’s decision to combine all previous Layers of Fear games and DLC into one is a testament to how much the game has evolved, and the improved graphics that come with it will make the game even more unsettling. This is a game horror fans are sure to want to play, so mark your calendars for June 15th.

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