LEGO 2K Drive Review (PS5)

Building up speed

LEGO 2K Drive is a colourful arcade racing title that makes great use of its license. The game has a fun, chaotic driving foundation and a Story mode filled with friends and enemies that will keep the players’ attention.

LEGO 2K Drive is an arcade racing game that makes the most of the eponymous brand to deliver a fun, free-wheeling good time. Its Story mode is where players will spend most of their time, although they can also play Cup Series or single races or even take the action online. Besides, the Garage has impressive building tools that can help players customize their racing vehicles.

The game is set in a world where players are cast as a newbie driver competing in Bricklandia’s racing championships, which culminate with the Sky Cup Grand Prix – the winner of which will be crowned the best racer in all the land. The Story mode has a good sense of humour that interests players of all ages with its daft and light-hearted characterisation.

While racing is one of the main attractions of the Story mode, LEGO 2K Drive gives players a lot of room to explore the game. A total of four sandbox maps provides ample space to drive around, and players’ vehicles will automatically switch between street car, off-roader, and boat when going over terrain types, giving players the freedom to go practically everywhere. The open world is also full of LEGO props, objects, traffic, and pedestrians, all of which can be driven through with no penalty.

The driving itself is easy to grasp and highly enjoyable; players can charge their boost meter, executing big, meaty drifts, while a quick turn and generous jump allow them to have decent manoeuvrability.

On a race track, players use power-ups and weapons a la Mario Kart to clear the way to first place. Some of the power-ups are pretty standard, like homing rockets and bombs rolling forward, while others are more imaginative, like the ghost and teleport power-ups that act as evasion and offensive tools. Players can swap their vehicles for others unlocked, and they all have unique stat bonuses and weights that affect how they handle.

The game has a Perks system that allows players to apply various passive effects. It’s nothing too complicated, but We’re sure many players will appreciate the slight extra depth. The robust build mode in the Garage lets players choose an axel from which to build and offers hundreds of LEGO bricks and pieces to choose from, allowing players to lay them down wherever and however, they want and to change the colours of each piece and apply special effects.

The game’s main currency, Brickbux, is earned by winning races, discovering new events, and beating challenges, and can be used in the in-game store to purchase new vehicles, drivers, and LEGO pieces for the build mode. Unfortunately, currency rewards are low. A first-place result in online races only nets players 5 Brickbux. After playing for 15 hours or so, players can earn about 25,000 Brickbux. It seems like the game is pushing players towards microtransactions to buy bulk amounts of Coins, which can be converted into Brickbux. 500 Coins, which costs £4.49, transfers to 10,000 Brickbux. Microtransactions are quite aggressive, especially in a game geared towards children.

LEGO 2K Drive is a creative and engaging racer and highly recommended for players who like arcade racing and LEGO games. However, the visuals are hard to ignore, and they drag down what is otherwise a fun and addicting game.

Pros and Cons

  • Fun, satisfying driving
  • Vibrant, varied sandbox maps
  • Great tracks
  • Great presentation
  • Robust creation tools in Garage
  • Split-screen and online work well
  • Flawless 60fps performance
  • Aggressive monetization
  • Low currency rewards
  • Cannot share custom vehicles
  • Minigames are lacking

Final verdict

Players can have a blast playing LEGO 2K Drive and enjoy the game’s driving, the vibrant, happy-go-lucky world, and the creation mode in the garage that lets players make their vehicles. However, players should be aware of the low currency rewards and the aggressive monetization that can mar the game experience.

LEGO 2K Drive Review by Stephen Tailby. Review copy provided by 2K Games.


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