Miasma Chronicles Review (PS5)

Miasma Chronicles, a tactical role-playing game developed by 505 Games, is now available on the PS5. The game presents a post-apocalyptic America, with the country ruled by The First Family, a self-serving and untouchable elite. The player takes on the role of Elvis, a young mechanic from Sedentary, who is searching for his mother. Along the way, he explores a world filled with blighted miasma, a grey destructive goo that blocks access to certain regions while displaying a seemingly malevolent and deadly intelligence.

The game has an interesting cast of characters that join Elvis, each with their own backstories and notable flaws. There are secrets to uncover, light puzzles to solve, and side quests to partake in. The meat and potatoes of the game is the tactical turn-based combat, which is where Miasma Chronicles shines brightest. Each of your heroes gets two action points per turn, and they can use those to move position to get into better cover, reload, use an item, or attack an enemy. With the help of an elevated camera view, the player can explore the world, talk to NPCs, and find loot.

The gameplay is rewarding, with challenging encounters and an array of useful skills for each party member that are unlocked as you progress. One of the coolest options in the game is to ambush enemies, getting your characters into advantageous positions, or even wiping them out through stealth kills without facing a single retaliatory shot. With the addition of skills that utilise the miasma, certain characters are able to control it for special attacks, which turn the tide of battles in interesting and often spectacular ways.

While the characters and world are well-realised and nicely rendered, the story is a little disappointing, feeling like the first part of a much larger narrative. The technical issues we experienced playing the game, including dialogue not playing, bizarre animation issues, and crashing, soured the experience somewhat.

Overall, Miasma Chronicles has the potential to be a fantastic tactical role-playing game, lacking polish in a few key areas. The game received a score of 6 out of 10 from our review team due to these issues, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a challenging RPG with interesting characters and gameplay.

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