Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook is a new game that is making waves among players who are fans of roguelike, strategy RPG. It takes you on an adventure in a dungeon as a group of adventurers who are stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time and are slowly starving. Your task is to find food and craft sustenance while seeking an escape from the dungeon. This game is available on PS5 and promises to offer players a fun time.

The game allows you to choose your primary character, and from there, immerse yourself in customisation options. You get to select from eight character designs and decide character traits, hair colour, and skin tone. The game gives you the option to modify sprite illustrations to create your perfect party. The group must seek escape from the dungeons, all the while scavenging for food and sustenance. Every floor of the dungeon provides loot points that contain critical items for cooking, such as hay, weapons, and other combat equipment, which can also be used to create meals.

Battling enemies enables players to loot ingredients from the bodies of the fallen. Basic food preparations are made in the dungeon for a quick fix, while more complicated meals are prepared at the base camp. Items will degrade over time, so players must use food ingredients, weaponry, and other equipment as quickly as possible. Every floor of the dungeon is relatively short, but the difficulty steadily increases as players progress through the levels. A day and night cycle prompts enemies to become stronger when the sun goes down. Players seeking rest can return via a portal to their base camp to sleep, cook meals, and replenish stats, including HP, hydration and calories.

The game has an interesting flow to it, but can feel quite protracted as a result, and there’s a certain amount of level grinding from the start. All character levels are lost upon defeat, and you’ll have to start the dungeon from the first floor, keeping your equipment and any learned skills. Although the floors are short, it’s best to take your time and level up steadily to make progress in preparation for the potential difficulty spike, otherwise, the rush to escape can lead to failure.

The game’s unique cooking and food elements add a unique strategy to the gameplay, and there is quite an interesting mix of stats to keep track of. However, the floors and enemies can become quite repetitive, and there’s little variation in game elements. Overall, Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook gets a 6/10 for its gameplay, intuitive customisation process, and vibrant world.

Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook: Deluxe Edition is available for just $49.99 on Amazon (US).

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