Get ready for the ultimate RPG experience as Compile Heart announced their latest game called “Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution” for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution Announcement

This extraordinary RPG features Adult Neptune and is set during a time of game studios’ intense competition. The three game developer goddesses are the founding members of a studio that had lost the sales race and went down forcing them to look for a way to rise up again. However, this will not be an easy challenge for them, but luckily they have Adult Neptuneā€”a dimension traveler who is ready to help them out as their new president.

The game promises an outstanding adventure as the players struggle to improve their studio’s reputation and get it going again by undertaking various activities such as scouting staff, developing games, expanding the workplace, and much more. The game will be available from August 10th onwards for 8,500 yen while the “Victory Special Edition,” Digital Deluxe Edition, and the “New Recruit Welcome Box” edition will cost 12,100 yen and 18,480 yen respectively.

The game revolves around four major characters and some incredible features to keep the players engaged. The dungeons are graced with fields like cities and forests, and to get around quickly, Adult Neptune can travel via motorcycle. However, gamers will be thrilled with the racing segments inside some of the dungeons.

The Confirmed Characters:

  • Adult Neptune – Serves as the company’s president and a wandering insect hunter with an awakened form resembling a butterfly.
  • Pipi (voiced by Yuko Natsuyoshi) – The company’s confident, reckless, and intelligent producer, going by the name “Pipi-P.”
  • Jarga (voiced by Satsuki Miyahara) – A cool girl, who specializes in calculations, uses abbreviations and handles production and public relations.
  • Lideo (voiced by Hina Youmiya) – A mad scientist who is the most sensitive person in the world. She specializes in programming and graphics.
  • Croire (voiced by Mika Kanai) – After her release from the Nep-Note where she was sealed in by Adult Neptune, Croire has become bigger and is in hiding at a pirate maker’s base.

The Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution promises a thrilling adventure that combines RPG dungeon exploration with studio management and much more. It is designed for all gamers who are looking for a sensational package that comes with an intriguing gaming story, amazing graphics, and fantastic gameplay.

Thanks to Weekly Famitsu and Ryokutya2089 for this exciting news briefing.


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