Activision, the popular video game company, is reportedly coming out with this year’s Call of Duty game. According to a rumour from reliable source and insider Tom Henderson, the next game will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and released for both PS5 and PS4. The new game is said to be fully fledged and feature a campaign, multiplayer, zombies and a new Warzone 2.0 map during the title’s first season. The game is allegedly due to release on November 10th, with early access unlocking on November 2nd.

The new game will also feature a newly designed Warzone 2.0 map which is inspired by Las Almas previously discovered as an Easter egg within Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. The zombies mode is currently named Outbreak 2.0, and it might potentially release separately as a free-to-play download, though Activision is said to still be weighing up all of its opportunities.

It was previously rumored that the Call of Duty franchise would be taking a year off and would release “premium DLC” for Modern Warfare 2 in 2023. However, as per Henderson’s report, plans have significantly changed since then. Apparently, Sony still has the marketing rights to the series, so it will have dibs on the game’s first beta weekend in October, irrespective of whether Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition has completed by then. Sources suggest any appeals to the CMA are likely to drag proceedings into 2024 and beyond, so Sony’s marketing rights will not be affected any time soon.

Given the history of amazing Call of Duty games created by Activision, the new development is sure to peak the interest of video game fans all around the world, with eager fans waiting in anticipation to see what the new game will have in store for them.


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