EA has released a new patch for their popular game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which is focused on fixing bugs and glitches rather than improving performance. The patch is available now for the PS5, and is 1.119GB in size. This patch not only fixes the reported game-breaking bug, but also focuses on fixing multiple issues in the game related to audio, narrative sequences, and collision.

The patch notes reveal a multitude of fixes, including HDR value mismatches that caused issues for PS5 users with HDR setups, multiple save state errors, and a streaming issue that caused some streaming scenarios to end on a black screen. There were also bug fixes related to vents not properly activating, Rayvis becoming unbeatable, and a severe animation issue that could break a late game narrative sequence.

Finally, the patch improved text scrolling, added a note to explain that some of BD-1’s abilities are not available while in combat, and added minor text translation fixes and various crash fixes. Gamers can view the full patch notes on the EA website, and the development team has promised to continue working on future bug fixes.

The game has become a beloved addition to the Star Wars franchise, and the updates only aim to make the gaming experience better. Despite the focus on improving the game’s bugs, there have been no improvements made to the game’s performance on consoles. Remember to download the latest patch and get lost in the galaxy far, far away!

According to https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2023/05/new-star-wars-jedi-survivor-patch-is-out-now-focuses-on-bug-fixes

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