Petrolheads, brace yourselves! According to gaming leaker billbil-kun, the new World Rally Championship game, called WRC 23, is expected to hit PS5 on July 28th, 2023. Developed by EA Sports and Codemasters, the game is the first release under their new contract for officially licensed World Rally Championship games. WRC 23 will reportedly offer a standard edition and a Champions edition, which includes a full five seasons of post-launch content.

In March of this year, the same leaker also revealed a number of icons for achievements/trophies in the game. This suggests that the game is close to being released, and considering that summer is the time for game announcements, it is expected that EA will provide official details on the game soon.

Building your own rally car is a feature that is anticipated to be included in the WRC 23 game. The game is expected to be high-quality, given Codemasters’ excellent DiRT Rally series.

This news is welcomed by fans, who have been waiting for news of an official World Rally Championship game since EA Sports and Codemasters took over the license from KT Racing and Nacon. The new release is set to provide fans with endless hours of enjoyment.

Overall, WRC 23’s release is highly anticipated by fans and is expected to be a significant addition to the lineup of games on PS5. Stay tuned for more details on the full launch of the game.

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