Nacon and Neopica have recently announced the arrival of OFF-Road Racing game OVERPASS 2 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The exciting new game will be launched on 19th October, complete with more content and improved physics, thanks to the Unreal 5 engine. OVERPASS 2 offers a unique gaming experience that will surely satisfy fans of racing and off-roading genres.

“We are working hard to recreate the terrain physics, vehicle behavior and the authentic sensations of this very technical sport,” said Neopica Managing Director, Peter Vermeulen. The game aims to provide a more in-depth and improved experience based on the studio’s experience in racing games and feedback from players of the first game.

In OVERPASS 2, drivers will compete in races, and strive to achieve the best time on extreme tracks, behind the wheel of powerful and officially licensed ATVs and UTVs. The game has a wide variety of content, including 37 vehicles in three different categories, five environments, 31 circuits, and multiple race modes, including a much deeper career mode.

Nacon CEO Alain Falc, during the announcement, revealed that the company had aimed to take the game concept even further with OVERPASS 2. It was more challenging to play and offered more content compared to its predecessor, OVERPASS. Developed in Unreal Engine 5, the game has improved physics, as mentioned above, which will provide an enhanced and seamless gaming experience for players.

OVERPASS 2’s announcement trailer showcases just how exhilarating the game will be. It offers an impressive array of features, including highly advanced physics, beautiful landscapes where players can compete in countless races. So, players will need to do more than just speed to the finish, they will have to consider the terrain and control their vehicle with skill.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of racing and off-roading, then you will enjoy playing OVERPASS 2. The game provides a unique experience, complete with officially licensed ATVs and UTVs, improved physics, and challenging tracks. OVERPASS 2 is one game that you do not want to miss out on, and it comes with a much deeper career mode, which ensures that it will keep you entertained for countless hours. Surely, the game will be released on different platforms and the exact day of release will be awaited by fans.

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