Recent data indicates that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is continuing to outsell Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles by a wide margin. According to VGChartz, the difference between the two consoles is over three million units.

The PS5 is still behind the sales levels of its predecessor (the PS4), but it has surpassed the previous generation of Xbox consoles by a million units. The PS5 has become the main console for UK console owners, and sales have surged in European countries. Additionally, the PS5 briefly outsold the Switch in Japan and is dubbed as the fastest-selling console in US history.

While Microsoft has sold over 10 million Xbox Series X consoles, Sony’s PS5 has a massive lead in sales. This should not come as a surprise considering Sony’s reputation for producing quality exclusives and introducing games once exclusive to their platform on PC. At the same time, Xbox has been facing bad press, poorly optimized first-party titles, and some bizarre business decisions, such as the recent news that Redfall running at 30 FPS on Xbox platforms at launch.

It’s clear that the PS5 is continuing to cement its position as the leading console on the market, and unless Microsoft can turn things around, Sony will remain the top choice for gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the gaming console market is heavily dominated by the PS5, with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X trailing far behind. The PS5’s superiority can be attributed to its excellent exclusives, fast-selling speed, and its reputation. While the Xbox Series X has still managed to sell over 10 million units, it is clear that Sony’s position as the dominant console on the market is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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