In the world of game consoles, we’re seeing a clear winner emerge. According to research firm VGChartz, PlayStation 5 sales have skyrocketed in 2023, while Xbox sales have slumped. During the January-February period, the PS5 sold an impressive 3 million units, with the Nintendo Switch cashing in at 2 million units. In contrast, the Xbox Series X|S sold just under 1 million units. The exact numbers for the same period last year had the PS5 and Xbox both selling around 1.1 million units. These figures suggest that Microsoft sold around 43,000 more units than Sony.

Experts attribute this shift in sales to the chip shortage caused by the pandemic, which has kept newer, costlier chips in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles in particularly short supply. It seems that as the chip shortage begins to subside, PS5 sales are rising dramatically, while Xbox Series X|S sales have stagnated. Conversely, Microsoft has made some interesting moves in the gaming industry recently, which could see the company pivot in a different direction.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has been ahead of the game in predicting changes, likening the gaming industry to streaming services such as Netflix. He predicts that ultimately, all Xbox needs to do is to have a UI that works on a television, an input mechanism that works on a television. This direction suggests that Xbox consoles could eventually be replaced by a digital streaming service or subscription.

Microsoft has already started making strides in that direction. Despite competition from Steam, Windows computers have come with an Xbox application pre-installed for a few years. The Game Pass service, which offers access to a range of first-party and third-party games for a monthly fee, is available on both Xbox and PC. The “Ultimate” tier delivers subscribers with seamless access across both platforms.

In a gaming space where hardware sales no longer dictate a company’s overall livelihood, Spencer’s predictions could be a strong indication of where the industry is heading. Nintendo has long been a dominant force in the handheld and kid-centric videogaming market, and Sony has consistently fought to be seen as the console for hardcore gamers. A potential shift towards digital streaming services or subscriptions could see Xbox evolve into a different entity altogether.

As for PlayStation 5 sales surging past Xbox sales, it’s clear that Sony has won this round. Video game console sales figures are a fickle beast, and it’s difficult to predict what will happen next in this space. However, whether the future of gaming is in hardware, digital streaming, or subscriptions remains to be seen.

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