PlayStation Studios has recently declared their full dedication to providing new live service games on PS5 in the upcoming years. PlayStation Studios has been known for bringing story-driven single-player experiences and now it intends to branch out their content to include live service games in various genres, different release schedules, and varying scales. In a recently conducted interview via, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst described what he meant by live services games, “targeting different genres, different release schedules, and at different scales”.

Sony’s PlayStation Studio has now acquired two substantial powerhouse development studios, Firewalk studios, and Savage Game Studios, both of whom are working on their first original AAA multiplayer game for PlayStation. The acquisition further follows on the heels of the $3,700,000,000 acquisition of Bungie, ex-Halo series developer that produced the successful always-online shooter/MMO Destiny 2, which continues to thrive over six years later.

The popularity of the game as a service model has skyrocketed in the last decade. PlayStation Studio has revealed that live service games will undoubtedly become the future of gaming in the years to come. However, the recently introduced live service games have mostly failed in the market, with a few exceptions. The game must be done right with the appropriate balance on the loot boxes, battle passes, and ceaseless grind. Otherwise, the players might not show much interest.

In the current era, the gaming industry requires live service games to generate the desired revenue and keep the players engaged. Live services games opportunities can generate billions of dollars in revenue for gaming giants, but at what cost to the industry and gamers? Thus, live service games need delicate handling, and content should focus on providing appropriate gameplay experiences to players which retain the unique essence of the game itself.

In conclusion, live service games have a lot to offer. PlayStation Studios has some of the best in-house exclusive games, and now their focus has shifted to live services games to offer something for every type of gamer. The future might well bring a new era of exciting and engaging new live service games with unique features, offering challenging plotlines and a long-lasting multiplayer experience.

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