PlayStation has unveiled a new accessibility controller for its PS5 console and it’s called the “PS5 Access controller.” Earlier this year, it was referred to as “Project Leonardo” when it was first revealed to be PlayStation’s first attempt in the accessibility controller market. Each PS5 Access controller will come with a customizable array of buttons such as analog stick caps, pillow button caps, and flat button caps, among others. Swappable button cap tags will enable players to label which buttons would map to which inputs in games. The new PS5 Access controller will also allow users to lock the sole analog stick to any side of the controller. The PS5 user interface for the Access controller shows players can manually remap buttons directly on the console.

Players can use two PS5 Access controllers and one DualSense controller simultaneously, allowing them to switch between controllers. Sensitivity levels of each analog stick can also be fine-tuned when multiple Access controllers are in use. PlayStation teases that more details on the Access controller will be revealed in the “months ahead.” The release date for the device is yet to be announced, but the company hopes it will make its way into the market soon.

The PS5 Access controller is an important addition to the gaming industry as it aims to support differently-abled people who want to enjoy gaming. Gaming should be accessible to all, and this controller is a great step forward in that direction. We’re excited and impressed with the customizable button and sensitivity options on this controller. It’s evident that PlayStation is working hard on making the gaming experience seamless and intuitive for all users. We hope that other console makers follow in PlayStation’s footsteps and create more devices that are game-friendly for differently-abled gamers. 
To check out the exclusive titles coming to the PS5 console in the future, visit the PS5 Games Guide. We look forward to hearing more updates from PlayStation regarding the release of the Access controller.

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