Poll: What’s the Best PlayStation Startup Sequence?

When you think of PlayStation, does a specific console startup come to mind? Sony’s crafted some iconic system screens over the years — complete with some iconic sounds — but which one’s the best? We know that’s a potentially difficult question — and it might be wholly dependent on how old you are! — but it should make for an interesting discussion.

For the sake of keeping things simple, we’re only going to be judging the startup screens of PlayStation home consoles — which means no PSP or Vita. So your options are the original PlayStation (PS1, for clarity), PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5. That’s almost 30 years of PlayStation history right there.

Which PlayStation startup is the best?

Poll Results:

  • PS1: 62%
  • PS2: 22%
  • PS3: 9%
  • PS4: 1%
  • PS5: 6%

After almost 30 years of PlayStation history, it seems that the PS1 startup sequence still holds a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans. According to our poll, over 60% of voters chose the PS1 startup sequence as the best.

Are you surprised by the results? Which PlayStation startup sequence is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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