Project Leonardo, a cutting-edge technology that uses facial recognition and biometric data to create unique user profiles, is now the access controller for the highly popular gaming console, the PS5.

The new feature will enable players to log in with their unique profile and synchronize their entire gaming experience across consoles. The technology embedded in the PS5 will recognize the face or biometric data of the user and automatically log them into their individual profile.

The move has been praised by gamers and industry experts for its security and convenience. Users will no longer have to remember multiple login credentials, as their unique biometric profile will be enough to gain access to their profile and gaming library.

Project Leonardo has been in development for several years and has already been used successfully in other industries, such as financial services, where it is used to verify customer’s identities.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Sony on this project, which we hope will revolutionize the gaming experience for PS5 users around the world,” said a spokesperson from the company.

The technology is expected to be rolled out to other gaming consoles and devices in the near future, with Project Leonardo becoming the go-to access controller for personalized user experiences.


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