Select PS Plus Users Puzzled by Game Expiration Glitch

Some PS Plus members are facing a mysterious glitch on the service which is forcing them back to the PS5 home menu almost every fifteen minutes. A Reddit thread has been created where users are sharing their experiences. So far, most of the subscribers are just baffled by the bug rather than venting any frustration.

According to some members affected by the glitch, the PS5 alerts them of a title expiring in 15 minutes at which point the console automatically returns to the home screen. Although the game itself doesn’t close, members are interrupted by the message which appears four times every hour. Poster Syizm tried restoring their licenses, disconnecting from the internet, changing the date on the system, and fully powering down their PS5 to try and fix the problem, but nothing worked.

Games reported to be affected by the glitch include Horizon Forbidden West, Untitled Goose Game, Ghost of Tsushima, Humanity, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. As of now, no known fix has been found and it doesn’t seem to matter what tier of PS Plus subscription the member has as it affects streams of PS3 titles as well.

Have you experienced this glitch? Share your findings and troubleshooting tips in the comments below. Stay tuned for more information on the mysterious glitch.


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