PlayStation 5 Final Fantasy XVI bundle

The PlayStation fans around the world can rejoice as the PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle is now available to pre-order from three major retailers – Best Buy, GameStop, and PlayStation Direct.

The package includes a standard white Sony PS5 system with a disc drive along with a digital voucher of Square Enix’s latest game – Final Fantasy XVI. Interested customers can pre-book this limited-edition console bundle for $560.

Moreover, the PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle will come along with some pre-order digital content for the RPG: Braveheart weapon, a Gil-boost accessory called Cait Sith Charm, and an exp-boost accessory named Scholar’s Spectacles.

That said, GameSpot has published a Final Fantasy XVI preorder guide for other bonuses that people can obtain through other editions of the game. However, keep in mind that the limited-edition Final Fantasy XVI DualSense controller is only available in Japan.

Final Fantasy 16 Preorder Guide

Final Fantasy XVI, developed by a renowned video game studio – Square Enix – is an action role-playing game that will be available to play on the PS5 platform.

The game went gold in March 2023, indicating that the game was ready to be pressed on physical discs. Furthermore, the RPG game has become the first mainline entry in the series after the launch of Final Fantasy XV in 2016.

To give gamers a glimpse of what to expect from the game, a Final Fantasy XVI State of Play was held recently, which showcased real-time combat and world exploration with over 20 minutes of gameplay footage. Sony and Square Enix went more in-depth about the RPG’s action, such as highlighting main character Clive’s possible abilities and skill tree.

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, then this PS5 console bundle is a must-have. It features the latest game in the franchise and also provides you with some cool pre-order digital content. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest retailer and pre-order this limited-edition PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle before it’s too late!

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